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How to use colouring pencils.

The Ultimate Colouring Pencil Guide Table of Contents Learn how to use colouring pencils with Zieler artist ambassador @bishandbow_art. Colouring pencils have become increasingly popular. This is due to the start of the adult colouring trend. There are so many variations available its sometime hard to know where to start. Whether your a budding artists […]

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How to use Duo Tipped Brush Pens

Beginners Guide for Duo Tipped Brush Pens Duo Tipped Pens In this guide we show you some top tip for using brush pens. Outlining different techniques to give you inspiration to create beautiful drawings.   The Zieler brush markers are very versatile and can be used in many different ways.The marker presents two different points: A […]

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Mindfulness Mandala Drawing

Mindfulness Mandala Drawing A step buy step guide to creating beautiful mandalas. Drawing Mandalas can be really relaxing and therapeutic. We are at a time where Mindfulness is very important and using art as a therapy is widely recommended. Their is a style of drawing that will suit everyone from adult colouring of super fine […]


How to use Fineliner Drawing Pens

Beginners Guide for Fineline Drawing Precision & detail The pack 12 Zieler fineliner pens are ideal for drawing, sketching, illustration, technical drawing, journaling, art, writing and paper craft projects. The ink is non bleed, nontoxic, acid free and suitable on a range of paper surfaces. SHOP FOR Fineline Pens The strong durable nibs are rounded […]

Pencil Grades

Pencil Grades

Pencil Grades Want to know what is the right pencil to use? Lots of people get confused about the way pencils are graded. Don’t worry if you are one of them. At Zieler we have put together an easy guide and explained the differences for you. SHOP FOR PENCILS Sketching pencils are marked on a […]

Watercolour Pencils Tiger

Beginners Guide to Watercolour Pencils

Beginners Guide for Watercolour Pencils Pencil techniques Watercolour pencils are really versatile and easy to use, the great thing about them is that you have so much control over your painting. They allow you to draw details in then apply water to transform the drawing into a watercolour style painting. SHOP FOR PENCILS Here are […]

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