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The ultimate rock painting guide answering the most asked questions

The ultimate guide to rock painting / pebble painting. Table of Contents What is rock painting and where did it originate? Rock Painting or pebble painting is the art of decorating rocks, stones and pebbles using paints, pens and other craft items. Adding embellishments to rocks to decorate them is easy for all abilities. Pebble […]

How To Paint On Fabric

Painting On Fabric

How to Paint on Fabric Our artist ambassadors Trish Green share with us her great knowledge of painting on fabric using acrylic based pens and paints. Trish has been creating amazing designs onto all different types of fabric for years and here she kindly shares with us her top tips for successful fabric painting.  Table […]

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Toy Story Shoes with Paint Pens

Toy Story Shoes using Paint pens Table of Contents fun for everyone Customising shoes is a great way to either up cycle old shoes or create one off pieces of wearable art. Create your own by following these easy steps. 1. Preparation is key.  Firstly make sure the shoes are completely clean and dry. Hot […]

Spray Varnish Your Paint Pen Artwork

How to spray varnish your paint pen artwork

How to spray varnish your paint pen artwork Read time: 3 minutes Zieler acrylic paint marker pens work brilliantly on non-porous (glossy) surfaces such as ceramics, porcelain, glass and metal. To help preserve your decorative work you should consider sealing it with a spray varnish. This will protect the colours from fading over time and […]

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Create your own customised shoes using paint pens

Create your own customised shoes using paint pens Decorate your old shoes Customising shoes is a super fun and easy art project for all ages and abilities. Follow these easy steps to create your own wearable masterpieces. Layering single colours one at a time to build up pretty floral designs. Using basic shapes and colours […]


Create your own tote bag using paint pens

How to create your own tote bag using paint pens How to create your own tote bag in 5 easy steps. Using Zieler paint pens you can draw your own design onto material with ease. They are acrylic based so are permeant and wont come out in the wash.  When designing your tote bag you […]

Painted Pebbles

How to use your Paint Pens

How to use Paint Pens Multi Use Paint Pens 12 multi-surface acrylic paint markers with strong durable nibs. The fine point nib 1.5mm is great for the smaller detailed drawings and 2.5mm for colour coverage. The Vibrant opaque ink dries quickly and is suitable on both light and dark surfaces. The multi purpose pens are […]

Paint Pens

Pebble Painting with Paint Pens

Pebble Painting with paint pens fun Pebble painting Paint pens are a great way to create artwork on a wide variety of surfaces.With a water based acrylic paint, they are easy to use and permanent when dry on many surfaces. If your enjoying the pebble painting craze or thinking about joining in our pens are […]

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