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Mandy Renton


For the Love of Budges

We caught up with Brighton based artist Mandy Renton to hear more about her exciting painting process.



“When asked about my creative process I generally respond:  ‘I make a mess then tidy it up.’ This is not just a comment on the state of my studio!”

“I generally paint in oils, working over the whole canvas at once and building up layers of shade and tone to add depth and realism.  My starting point is shapes and shades, not lines, and the initial stages can look gloomy and messy, but a good painting requires a ‘skeleton’ – it’s not all about the surface, more often it’s about what lies beneath! It is often only in the final stages when the last touches of colour and light are added that the painting truly comes to life.”


Bird Art
Mandy Renton Art




“In deciding to be predominantly a bird artist I will always be spoiled for choice, but as a lifelong budgie owner I began by specialising in pet and aviary birds, building up my Budgerigardener brand with a series of paintings prints and cards of budgies and parrots.  Recent commissions have included a galah, a lovebird and an African grey parrot. My own pet budgie, Bruno, is my muse and model.”




“My main inspiration is colour and I also enjoy the challenge of portraying character.  I was so enamoured with Tau, the African grey parrot, my latest oil commission, that I painted an additional acrylic painting in a totally different style, and soon to be a limited edition print. Both paintings drew inspiration from his owner who told me of his love of eating plums, and her two favourite colours were introduced into the oil painting.”

Mandy Renton



“I also paint dogs as commissions. For Hope the cocker spaniel, (available as a print or card) I was able to meet her and take a photo shoot, with her dressed in her favourite bandana. I love to bring these touches of character to a painting, making them personal and unique.”



“My biggest annual event is Think Parrots Show at Kempton Park Racecourse, June 9th – not an art fair but a bird fair. It’s invaluable for networking, getting ideas of what is popular, and meeting lots of lovely parrots, who also come along for a day out.”

“If I had to give any advice to aspiring artists I would say only paint what you are passionate about and try to stand out from the crowd, with subject, style or both!”

If you want to see more of Mandy’s artwork then follow her on social channels @budgerigardener


Mandy Seagull

Keep an eye on our blog for more hints and tips from artists to help you get inspired for your next piece of artwork. 

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