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Still Water Reflection

Welcome to the 30 Minute Masterpiece with me Trish Green – Artist Ambassador at Zieler. I am a self-taught artist aiming to inspire budding artists and those that are new to art. If either of these is you then you are in the right place!

In this tutorial video I will be painting a ‘Still Water Reflection’. There is something so peaceful and calming about images of still water. The reflections of the light are so uplifting.

As with many of my 30 Minute Masterpieces, I’ve used acrylic paints here. Not only can you achieve great effects with them, but they are quick-drying too so they’ll be less waiting around.

Have a flick through the video and if you like what to you see why not paint with me?

Below I have broken down the essential supplies needed for you to paint a ‘Still Water Reflection’. I’ve also included some other items which are optional.

Remember, I often use many of the same art materials in my tutorials so if you are buying for the first time you can be sure that I’ll be using lots of the same supplies in other videos.

The essential products required are:

  • -34% 22Ml Paint Box - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -43% 10 Premium Brushes In Zip Case Zieler - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -28% Zieler Masking Tape - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -29% Palette Knives Set - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -28% 23 Well Large Paint Palette Zieler - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -34% Zieler Sea Sponges Medium - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -34% 09299391 - Zieler Art Supplies

You can buy all these items above as a bundle for £64.95 and get a further 10% Off this if you are new customer by simply using the discount code ZSAVE10 at checkout!

  • -43% Bundle Pack - Zieler Art Supplies

Optional products you may want to consider are:

(1) White paint – you can never have enough

(2) An A3 table-top easel – this will help keep your posture upright while you paint

(3) A ‘Keep Wet Palette’ to help prevent your acrylic paints drying too quickly on the palette.

  • -25% Catalogue Image 1 - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -40% White Acrylic Paint 250Ml Zieler - Zieler Art Supplies
  • -29% Zieler Keep Wet And Stay Wet Acrylic Paint Palette

Again, if you are new customer you can get a further 10% Off the items above using the discount code ZSAVE10 at checkout.

I hope you enjoy painting with me. Please do send me your finished artwork – I would love to see it. Zieler has a Facebook Artists Community Group where you can post your pictures as well get tips and hints from our artists. It’s free and quick to join.

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