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At Zieler, we have the pleasure of working with many talented artists. Here are a few of them who have helped make our products what they are.

Amy - Zieler Art Supplies


Amy is a mixed media artist based in Brighton with a BA Honours in Art & Design. She works on large scale acrylic paintings as well as smaller scale watercolour pieces and illustrative drawings. Amy has a strong passion for creating murals which she has dotted around the world. Amy is inspired by Travel, Nature and Culture these themes come across strongly in her work with her use of bright colours and bold patterns.
Amy is a key brand Ambassador for Zieler with her work in not only helping to develop and test products, but to also demonstrate the use of products. She is the familiar face on many of Zieler’s ‘How to Guides’ and teaches budding artists a variety of techniques.

Claire - Zieler Art Supplies


Claire is a self-taught arts and crafts obsessed individual. She has a passion for colouring and loves to experiment with just about anything related to art or craft. She often uses products and materials in different ways to traditional artists. Her work often incorporates found and discarded materials which means that she’s a a bit of a hoarder but it’s well worth it from the satisfaction gained from turning trash into treasure!
As well as working with Zieler on projects Claire has been shown on TV, at trade shows and published in magazines. She runs weekly workshops for both children and adults and demonstrates art products in and around the South East.

Samuel - Zieler Art Supplies


Samuel is a Norfolk & Brighton based artist with a painting style that is truly unique, euphoric & mesmerising. Samuel's artwork is influenced by pop-art, art deco, psychedelia and dreamscape, this fusion of styles gives the artwork a contemporary feel yet simultaneously a sense of timelessness prevails. Samuel's paintings are vibrant stylised celebrations of the world using intense colour and psychedelic patterns to heighten the atmosphere. Large scale canvas panels enable the viewer to imagine walking into the scenes to leave reality behind.
Samuel’s expertise and experience has been vital to Zieler achieving its high standards for its paints, brushes and surfaces.

Sue - Zieler Art Supplies


Sue is a craft designer and hand lettering artist. Some of her work is commission-based, blogs and magazine articles, with some logo design and digital lettering. Sue has a real passion for colour, and how it can influence the mood and represent different meanings. She is interested in all aspects of design, from the simplicity of a single drawn line, to a complex three dimensional structure. Sue has worked with various aspects of hand lettering, from greeting card captioning, to more recently designing practice worksheets for brush lettering.
Sue is a brand ambassador for some well known art and craft products as well as Zieler. It gives her great enjoyment to be able to use, test and demonstrate products with several different varieties of pens, paper and materials. Sue is as passionate as we are about the process of thought, research, and care that goes into producing a single Zieler item.

Alison - Zieler Art Supplies


Alison is a fully qualified teacher in Textiles and Design Technology and runs a series of workshops across these areas. She used to run the well-known Liberty Sewing School in London and has a wealth of experience with lino cutting and printing. Working with the creative team at Zieler, her experience and knowhow have been vital from the inception to completion of our lino products.

Janet - Zieler Art Supplies


Janet grew up in London, graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with a first class degree in Cognitive Science and Psychology. For the past ten years though she has taught her passion, Art and Photography, and has found it extremely rewarding to use her enthusiasm for art to help inspire students to create their own work. It’s always useful to hear
Janet’s feedback on our products and ways in which we can better them.In recent years Janet has exhibited regularly in Hertfordshire, London and Brighton.

Keren - Zieler Art Supplies


Keren is a self-taught artist with over 30 years experience of painting, creating & selling art. Her artistic journey began at a very early age when she loved to watch artists on TV, observing and absorbing as much as she could. Keren would sketch anything that took her interest often adding her own patterns into the image.
Keren has continued her path by painting murals and water colours though her main focus now is on portraits (animal and human) and line drawings, reflecting her own personal style.
Keren works closely with our other artists and provides invaluable feedback when testing products.

Lorenza - Zieler Art Supplies


Lorenza’s favorite media is watercolors or any water soluble paint. She is a very experimental artist, never afraid to try new products and always very focused on the quality.
After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, Italy, she decided to move to Brighton – the beautiful city full of art and artists. She is very active in the Brighton artistic scenario. You can find her art in the form of paintings in different cafes and shops as well as her murals dedicated to the funky Brighton seagulls.
Lorenza’s strong attention to detail during the artist-testing process is always first class. She is one of the longest-serving Zieler ambassadors.

Trish - Zieler Art Supplies


Trish is a Brighton born artist who studied Art and Design at Brighton Metropolitan College achieving a Distinction grade. Trish’s great passion is drawing and colouring on a variety of surfaces. Producing art on the likes of bags, shoes and jewellery, there is not much that Trish has not put her hand into decorating! She is a true source of inspiration to any budding artist. Trish has a love for all things floral which is reflected in many of her designs.
Having over 20 years experience of selling art supplies to all levels of artists, Trish is very well-placed to provide valuable insights into the development and testing of Zieler’s art supplies.

Natalie Sq 1 - Zieler Art Supplies


Natalie is a self-taught artist – her passion for sketching and painting started from a very young age when she was wining local art competitions. Much of Natalie’s attention is now focussed on sketching in various forms. Her love for drawing pet portraits is proving to be hugely popular with her customers.
A versatile artist, Natalie’s vast experience of oil painting has led her to experiment with acrylic and watercolour to wonderful effect.
Natalie is always keen to test art supplies for Zieler and her extensive drawing experience, in particular, make her a valuable member of our team. You can learn more about Natalie’s work

Helen Square Jpeg 2 - Zieler Art Supplies


Helen is a contemporary artist working in the UK and producing large format and statement art. She has a unique style which is energetic, individual and vibrant with an urban edge.
Her works are inspired by current events and environmental concerns. Her paintings showing passion and vibrancy as well as reflection and colour to her audience.
Helen has displayed her collections in contemporary shows, collaborated with other artists and curated her own solo exhibitions. All have attracted media interest in the UK and Europe and have received much acclaim.
Her works have been exhibited in many prestigious galleries in London and New York, creating a truly international appeal. In addition, one prestigious gallery has asked for her works in Italy for very high-profile collectors.
We are extremely excited to have the privilege of working with Helen and her being a Zieler ambassador.

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