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Acrylic Flower Printing

Acrylic Flower Printing

This guide shows a fun and easy art project to do at home. It is written by one of our artist ambassadors Claire Boelema. Enjoy and feel the creativity. 

Acrylic Paint Heliograph /Sun Printing

This is a quick and easy project that both kids and adults can do. The key to achieving a good result is to keep things simple, work quickly and don’t focus too much on achieving a perfect result. The finished pieces can be stand alone works of art, cut down and made into Artist Trading Cards or greeting cards. Used as a background for a mixed media pieces or even photographed and the image edited to create additional images using selected areas.

I found that using different amounts of water to increase or decrease the viscosity of the paint and the technique used to wet the paper gave differing results. It also became apparent that some textures and materials gave better results than others.

Whilst I have done this technique in the past using acrylic inks and liquid watercolours, I’ve never used acrylic paints. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, acrylic paints were all I had access to, so I decided to experiment with the mediums available.

Flower Printing 2 - Zieler Art Supplies
Materials - Zieler Art Supplies


Zieler Watercolour Paper

Zieler Acrylic Paints

Selection of brushes and pipettes

Selection of greenery/flower heads or card shapes

Gummed tape or washi tape


  1. Mix your chosen acrylic paints with water until they are the consistency of milk or double cream.
  2. Tape the watercolour paper onto a board. If you have gummed paper use that, if not washi tape or masking tape will be fine.
  3. Wet the paper thoroughly either by soaking in a tray or brushing/sponging with water. I ran out of tape on my final attempt so simply soaked the paper in a tray of water and laid it onto my mat.
  4. Place a colour wash over the paper.
  5. Drop, brush, and splash additional colours onto the piece.
  6. Working quickly, wet the foliage or card shapes with water and arrange on the paper.
  7. Place the project in a sunny place and allow to dry thoroughly.
  8. Remove the shapes and tape from the paper.
Claire 1 - Zieler Art Supplies
Flower Printing - Zieler Art Supplies

If you decide to give this technique a try why not share it on the Zieler social media platforms. Tag us in your artwork @zielerartsupplies and join the community. 

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