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Customising clothes

Customising Clothes

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Get creative in your wardrobe

Painting and customising your own clothes is a super fun and easy way to breath new life into old clothes.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Up cycling clothing is a great way to cut your own personal carbon footprint, Using art to eradicate the throw away culture within the clothing industry.

Follow this step by step guide to denim pocket painting to create your own wearable masterpiece and cut your own carbon footprint.

Preparation is key

Make sure the jeans are clean, dry and ironed.
Using a piece of card cut out a pocket sized piece to insert into the pocket to stop the paint from going through the fabric on the inside of the pocket.
Using artist masking tape, tape off around the edge of the pocket creating a boarder. Make sure to tape right up to the edge, you will find the tape can be taped under the edge of each pocket giving a very neat boarder.

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Jean Pocket Prep - Zieler Art Supplies

Starting to paint

Using white acrylic paint cover the full area of the pocket. The denim is an absorbent surface so may require a few layers of paint to create a completely white base coat. It’s important to let the paint dry in between layers of the white paint. This will help it remain flexible when the paint has dried and the jeans are worn.

For the next step using a soft pencil draw out your design. The painted white surface is easy to draw straight onto and having pencil lines as a guide will give you the confidence when adding paint.

Top tip: The white painted surface is also perfect for you to trace images onto for those of you with less confidence in your drawing skills.

Painting your design

Using acrylic paint, paint your design adding colours straight from the tube or by mixing them to create different colours, this will depend on your confidence and ability to colour mix. Choosing designs with bright, primary colours is suggested if your new or don’t feel confident with colour mixing as the colours in the tubes will be ready for you.

Build up layers of paint to create, tone, texture and detail. Start with the lighter colours and gradually move on towards darker colours.

Leave the paint to dry between layers.

Add finer detail and highlights with the white paint last.

Grey Jeans - Zieler Art Supplies
Raincow Jean - Zieler Art Supplies

Using paint pens for extra details

For finer details you could mix mediums by using an acrylic paint marker to add details and or more colours over the top of the dried acrylic paint.
Using a paint pen is a great way to gain confidence in adding detailing, not everybody will feel confident enough using a paint brush to do the finer details.

Watch the process videos for ideas

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