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How to Paint a Watercolour Lily

How to Paint a Watercolour Lily

With spring in full bloom and summer fast approaching it is a beautiful time of year to see some amazing colours and shapes as flowers blossom everywhere. This is great opportunity to be inspired by the beauty of nature and to sit back and relax while creating some delicate watercolour paintings. In this guide we show you step by step how to create your own beautiful flower watercolour paintings of Lily’s. 

Using the Zieler Watercolour pallet

and Zieler premium watercolour paper


How to Paint a Lily

Start by lightly sketching out a drawing of the lily. Then slowly build up the colours using the following instructions… 
For the first layer of the Lily’s petals mix the vermillion red with white to make a very light pink colour. Apply the pink to the dry page but keep the colour wet so the layer is very light in colour.
Paint in the first layer of the leaves using sap green. Leave to dry.
Next for the centre of the flower add gamboge yellow in a star shape lines. Leave to dry.

Watch the time-lapse video to see the process

For the background use the phathlo green apply the colour to a dry page no need to wet at this point. Start with the colour at the bottom and use water to spread it out towards the top of the page, this will create a gradient effect. Leave to dry.
Next add another layer of sap green to the leaves. Leave to dry.
To add depth to the background using phathlo green dark add details line line to create a grass, and leave shapes to create background foliage. Leave to dry.
Img 1976 - Zieler Art Supplies

Adding Details

Next move onto the petals adding details, mix some vermillion and quinacridone rose to the first mixture of light pink. Add line details and edges to the petals. For darker areas in the centre of the flower add more quinacridone rose. For the darker spots on the petals also use quinacridone rose but with less water, this will help you control the paint when adding the finer details.
For he detail on the filament of the flower use olive green. And for the anther use cadmium orange. Leave to dry.
For the finer details of the leaves use olive green to add the shadows.

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