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How to use Duo Tipped Brush Pens

Beginners Guide for Duo Tipped Brush Pens

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Duo Tipped Pens

In this guide we show you some top tip for using brush pens. Outlining different techniques to give you inspiration to create beautiful drawings.  

The Zieler brush markers are very versatile and can be used in many different ways.
The marker presents two different points:

A Fine Liner – very useful for adding details and ideal for writing

A Brush Nib – a soft flexible fibre for sketching, colouring and illustration. Which can be activated with water to create a watercolour effect. 


24 Vibrant Colours

The ink is vibrant and vivid due to the high pigmentation and thanks to the composition of the ink these pens are not just common markers. They can be used as they are and can also be used like watercolours by adding some water with a paint brush.

They are perfect for gradient effects and the ink is non-toxic, fast drying and odourless.

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Brush Tip

Here are 8 different techniques when using the brush end.

Blend – To create a blend between 2 or more colours just apply a layer of each shade one next to the other, colouring while overlapping the edges.

Water Blend – To blend with water you can blend just one colour by itself or more colours one next to the other by painting over using a wet brush, the ink will bleed and blend nicely like a watercolour.

Overlaying – You can overlay colours to create new shades, if you colour blue over yellow you’ll create a new shade of green.

Colour Change – Touch two brush points together, keeping one ver1cal on top of the other the colour will be absorbed by the bottom pen. This will create a colour changing effect.

Watercolour – To use the colours for a watercolour painting and mixing your own colours. Use the pens on a piece of plastic (can use the pen packaging) or a non-absorbent surface like acetates or plates. The ink will stay on the surface and you’ll be able to add water to it and use it as watercolour paint.

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The brush nib is soft and flexible and by applying different pressures you can achieve many different shapes and widths easily.

Hand Lettering – Using the pen very delicately on the point you can create fine lines and by applying more pressure you can change the width in the same line to create a basic hand lettering effects.

Shapes – Just using the tip part of the brush and pressing delicately down on an angle you’ll make the shape of a small comma or a small leaf, depending if you’re lettering or drawing.

Dry Brush Effect – using the whole length of the brush nib horizontal on the paper you can create a very nice dry brush effect, a very well known watercolour technique .


You can add fine details to your artwork using the 0.4mm tip. When adding detail make sure the first layers are completely dry to avoid the colours bleeding into one another.

Also you can build up layers to create tone when sketching. Using techniques such as cross hatching, stippling, and layering of lines.

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Cross hatching – Build up layers of lines, first draw lines in one direction, then overlapping the lines change direction. This will create darker area.

Stippling – Using dots, create tone by drawing them closer together for darker areas and wider part for lighter areas.

Layering of lines – This can be done with one colour or more to create tone. In the same way as using crosshatching, using different colours you can create a gradient effect.

Adding details – Drawing over areas already drawn out and coloured in. The fineline tip will add detail and definition.

Using these pens in different ways can create some beautiful and unique pieces of artwork. We suggest if you are a beginner to practise these different techniques to build up your confidence with drawing.

Then let your imagination flow and start to develop these techniques into pieces of art. You could use inspiration from our resident artists, loads of inspiring artwork can be found on our social media pages @Zieler

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