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Beginners Guide for Fineline Drawing

Fineline Pens

Precision & detail

The pack 12 Zieler fineliner pens are ideal for drawing, sketching, illustration, technical drawing, journaling, art, writing and paper craft projects.

The ink is non bleed, nontoxic, acid free and suitable on a range of paper surfaces.

The strong durable nibs are rounded for superior line consistency.

The vibrant inks means your artwork will stand out and the lines will be defined. The inks are quick drying so you will be less likely to smudge your work, just remember to be cautious of where your hand is when leaning on your paper.

We suggest sketching your design out roughly in pencil first. When using the pens it’s best to work your way up, using the finer nibs first and working your way up to the larger nibs. This is because you can always make the line thicker, however you can’t do the reverse.

Fineliner Drawing

Permeant so can be used with watercolours

Hold your pens like you would a normal writing pen, so it’s at an angle. 

Holding the pen vertically might cause damage to the nibs. 

The pens are permanent when dry so they can be used with watercolour, just make sure you let the ink dry over night to ensure they won’t smudge when water is applied.

The set of Fine line pens have a variety of nib sizes ranging from 0.05 -0.8. This is ideal for creating depth within your drawings, using the various different sizes gives you control when creating your artwork. You can see how the sizes vary in the image above.

Use the finer nibs such as 0.05 & 0.1 for the finer lines if you are trying to create intricate details and delicate designs. Using a larger nib such as 0.8 or the brush, gives a more bold effect so is great for outlining.

Fineliner Grades

Dark grey 0.1 & Dark grey 0.5

Using grey is good for creating lighter shades. It has less contrast than black, so is similar in colour to using a drawing pencil.

This set also includes two sizes in a sepia tone and two sizes in a dark grey ink.

Sepia 0.1 & Sepia 0.5

Using a sepia tone is great for creating a softer look to your drawings. It’s more subtle and less deep in pigment than black.

The artwork in this guide was created by one of our artist ambassadors Trish Green

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