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Lino Printing with Watercolour

Lino Printing with Watercolour

Combing watercolours with Lino Printing can make some beautiful and vibrant pieces of artwork. The watery backgrounds add a beautiful splash of colour and the print creates powerful contrast. 

In this blog our resident artist Amy Kelly-Miller experiments with combining the two mediums. Using the Zieler watercolour pallet and paper create the colourful backdrops. Then with the Zieler lino cutting set adds a beautiful Lino printed design to create stunning pieces of artwork.  

Watch the time-lapse video to see the process


To start with you will need a cut out lino design. You might already have some you have done before and want to add splash of colour to a new print. Or if you are new to lino and are looking to create some fun and easy design see our guide here for inspiration:

Img 8509 - Zieler Art Supplies


Creating vibrant watercolour backgrounds is fun and easy. Simply use a wet on wet technique to cover the page with your chosen colours. Letting the paints bleed into one and other to create a tie dyed look. You can also add a sprinkle of salt onto the the drying watercolour to create an interesting effect. To keep the colours vibrant we recommend choosing complimentary colours to avoid apposing colours mixing and creating a muggy colour.     

Img 5186 - Zieler Art Supplies

Combining mediums

Combing the mediums is simple. After the watercolour page is completely dry its time to add the lino print. Using a generous amount of ink rolled onto your cut out lino design, place the watercolour paper on the lino and press hard for a minute making sure you rub over the lino to insure the ink is making firm contact with the page. Then peel the paper off to reveal your beautiful lino print on the colourful watercolour background. 

Img 3430 1 - Zieler Art Supplies

Using different shapes

Try using different shapes and play around with different coloured effects that you can create. Using half yellow and half blue in the above design highlight the sun and ocean in the lino design, which complements it nicely. Below using a more splatted watercolour patch on the page creates a more interesting look to the triangular design. So you don’t have to fill the whole page with watercolour, its always interesting to play around with white space to create unique and appealing pieces of art. 

Img 8901 - Zieler Art Supplies

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