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Mindfulness Mandala Drawing

Mindfulness Mandala Drawing

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A step buy step guide to creating beautiful mandalas.

Drawing Mandalas can be really relaxing and therapeutic. We are at a time where Mindfulness is very important and using art as a therapy is widely recommended.

Their is a style of drawing that will suit everyone from adult colouring of super fine images to drawing intricate zentangle patterns and hand drawn mandalas.

Artwork created using repetitive motions concentrates the mind and can help to calm and relax. In this guide we are going to show you a couple of differnt styles of drawing a mandala that you can zone into and take your mind off the stresses of life. 

Learn How to draw your own mandala.

Starting off creating a simple circle flower mandala. Using a protractor, compass, rule, pencil and fineliners pens.
TOP TIP If you don’t have a compass or protractor you can use a bowl or a roll of tape as a circle guide to draw a perfect circle.  
  1. Start by finding the middle of the page (mark it with a dot) and using a compass draw a circle. 
  2. Using a protractor measure out the angles. In the example image the angles are 1cm apart.
  3. Using a ruler draw from the centre dot outwards.
  4. On one of the straight lines, with a ruler mark each 1cm interval this will be the mark you use for creating the rest of the circles.
  5. Using a compass again, use the centre dot draw circles going from small to large using the 1cm interval lines to keep the distance between the circles the same size.
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Time to add patterens

  1. Now you have your basic framework to use for you mandala pattern. Now its time to add your patterns to each section.
  2. Start by drawing petal shapes that spread out from the middle. The best way to do this is to draw a v shape connecting the circle lines to the outward lines.
  3. Now using a pen draw around your pattern. You can create thicker lines around the patterns and add details to each section using thinner lines.
  4. The possibilities are endless you can create patterns using lines and dots. Once you’ve added a pattern to a section repeat it all the way around mandala.
  5. Alternating black and white details between sections also creates patterns. Repeat the patterns moving outwards through the mandala section by section until its complete.

A beautiful butterfly

There are other styles of mandalas to draw, you don’t have to just stick to the circle flower design. Here we show you how to transform your mandala flower into a beautiful butterfly.  

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw out half a butterfly shape, cut it out then this can be used as a template to get perfect semicircle wing.
  2.  Unfold the template and draw the outline of the butterfly on a fresh piece of paper.
  3. Using the process above for the circular mandala, start by drawing a dot in the middle of your butterfly then a circle around it.
  4.  Follow the process above drawing lines and circles to create basic framework.   
  5. Then you have a template to add all the patterned details in. Just like above but expanding on the circle into the wings for the butterfly.   
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Finishes touches

Be creative and experiment with using with using different shapes; lines, triangles, semi circles  and dot work to make a beautiful mandala. 

To finish off once you have your pencil outline you can then start to go over you drawing using fineliner pens. Using different sized nips to create bold and thin lines creating good contrast. 

If you wanted you can also fill in some sections with colouring pens making a colourful mandala.

See the video below to watch the time-lapse process.

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