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Pouring Art on Different Surfaces

Pouring Art On Different Surfaces

DIY home decor ideas and inspiration using pouring art techniques. Fluid pouring art is a fabulously fun and easy way to create spectacular artwork for your home.

Did you know that you can use this technique on a wide variety of different surfaces.
You too can create your own masterpieces, from marble effect picture frames to decorated plant pots. You can even mix the paints with a fabric medium and paint pour on fabrics.

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Acrylic pouring on CDs

The circular format is ideal for all styles of pouring technique. Balance on top of a cup and collect excess paint is great project with a lot less mess. Once dry display the CDs in a square frame to create diy home decor art.

Watch the video here

Acrylic pouring on wood

Pouring art can create a bit of waste paint, you can use this excess paint by dipping into it. Simply dip a wooden picture frame into the paint puddle to achieve a beautiful marble effect. Again a perfect diy project.

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Dipping with Acrylic

Painting on wood, glass and plastics.
Dip the glass of the frame into the puddle to achieve similar colours and patterns that compliment each other.
This dip technique works well on papers, glass and plastic.
Pouring art is a very versatile technique and dipping papers and card into the puddles not only saves wasting paint but the pretty colour combinations can be used for background papers for crafting and journaling or even frame your papers for home made gift ideas.

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When using the balloons smash technique use the balloon and transfer the paint onto papers to create wonderful circular patterns.

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Glass Jars

Painting on ceramic pots or glass jars.
Place the pot or jar over a larger cup, pour layered paint from a smaller cup using the flip cup technique or pour paint in puddles and layer until the colours pour over the sides. The possibilities are endless with these fun projects.

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Watch the video here

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