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Toy Story Shoes using Paint pens

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fun for everyone

Customising shoes is a great way to either up cycle old shoes or create one off pieces of wearable art.

Create your own by following these easy steps.

1. Preparation is key. 

Firstly make sure the shoes are completely clean and dry. Hot soapy water is perfect for cleaning new shoes but if you are up cycling old shoes an cleaning fluid like CIF works extremely well.

2. Using a good strong masking tape.

Tape up any section of the shoes that you want to remain paint free/ un decorated.
TOP TIP remove the laces and stuff the front/toe section of the shoe with screwed up newspaper or a pair of rolled up socks. This will make it easier to hold the shoe when decorating.

3. Using the yellow 2.5mm paint pen 

Colour in the tongue section of the shoe, using the stitching as a guide to create an outline or boarder. Carry on the yellow colouring all the way down to the tip of the toe section of the shoe all the way to the line of masking tape.

Yellow Shoe - Zieler Art Supplies
Woody Shoe - Zieler Art Supplies

4. Next using the red 2.5mm pen 

Colour in the heal section of the shoe, again using the stitching as a guide to shape the heal.

5. When you have finished the heal move onto the next section using the 1.5mm blue paint pen, add the blue section around the eyelet section of the shoe.

6. The next section to do is the black details on the side of the shoe.

7. Now the other sections 

The shoes would have started to dry so now some layering of colours is possible. Start with the toe section, using a penny draw out two circles for the buttons and using a ruler draw out the lines creating a checked effect over the yellow tongue area of the shoe. Do this using a HB pencil first then go over the top using the 1.5mm red paint pen.

8. Once done using the 2.5mm silver pen colour in the buttons.

Shoe 4 - Zieler Art Supplies
Shoe 5 - Zieler Art Supplies

9. Now for the finer details

Using the 1.5mm white and black pens. Firstly the black to add dots over the red heal section of the shoe. Then using the white pen add the white details, 4 white petal shapes in a cross shape around the black dot. This will create a bandana style print effect. 

10. Next add detail to the silver buttons. Using the 1.5mm black pen add 4 dots to the middle of the buttons. Then draw a outline to one half of the circle of the button. This will create a shadow giving the buttons a 3D effect.

finishing touches

Leave to dry. Remove the masking tape and Re-lace the shoes

There’s you have your very own customised cowboy inspired shoes. All achievable in 10 easy steps. Once dry the paint is permanent so there is no need to seal of fix them.

Remember its all about breaking down the process and making it simple using basic colours and shapes. Have confidence in your abilities and enjoy being creative with Zieler acrylic paint pens.

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