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Acrylic Painting Stay Wet Palette

Acrylic Painting Wet Palette

Using acrylic paint is fun and suitable for all abilities, however it does have one major problem, it dries too quickly. This is especially problematic if you are a beginner.

So if you just hate it when you’ve mixed the perfect colour combination and you’ve run out of time and the paint dries out then a stay wet palette is perfect for you.

Stay wet palettes are designed to save paint wastage and to maintain mixed colours for days.

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The palette is a sturdy plastic tray that contains sheets of membrane paper and  stay wet palette refill paper. By coating the  stay wet palette paper in water and placing into the plastic tray this creates the moisture needed to keep the paint wet. The airtight lid then keeps your paints safe and ready to use again whenever you wish to start painting again. This ensure you don’t waste paint and time. 

Refill stay wet sheets and membrane are available so they make a cost effective buy.

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Step 1. Place one sheet of stay wet paper into the tray.

Step 2. Add water until the sheet is covered. Not too much just enough to completely wet the sheet. You can drain away any excess water. 

Step 3. Simply place the membrane paper over the top of the stay wet paper.

Step 4. Apply the acrylic paint directly onto the membrane paper. Then place the lid onto the pallet whenever you are finished using the paints 

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The lid on the tray keeps in the moisture making your paints last and stay wet and usable for days or even weeks.

If you are looking to minimised wasted paint and save money we recommend a stay wet palette.

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