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Window Art

Window Display Art

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Window Cling

Using a few art supplies and some house hold items you can make some awesome window displays.

If you are board at home and trying to entertain the kids this makes a great art project to do.  

In this design we are showing our support to the amazing NHS by filling our windows with rainbow love hearts to show how much we appreciate all their hard work.

You can choose to follow our instructions and create our “love for the NHS” displays or you can apply our instructions to you own designs.  

The great thing is whenever you want to take the  displays off your window they peel off easy leaving no mess. 


PVA Glue

Acrylic Paints


Plastic bag, polythene or Acetate Sheet

Empty bottle with a fine nozzle (if you don’t have one you can use a plastic bag and snip the corner of

Lolly Sticks 

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  1. Draw your design and place the acetate or polythene sheet over it. Secure with tape to a flat solid surface to avoid the image distorting as it dries.
  2. Mix PVA glue with a small quantity of black acrylic paint (the more paint you add the opaquer it will become). Add small amounts of cornflour until a trail can be left on the surface of the paint). Transfer to a fine nozzled bottle.
  3. Carefully trace over the lines of the image and set aside to dry.
  4. Once dry, mix the acrylic paints with PVA glue and carefully apply to the image using a lolly stick or cocktail stick. Don’t forget to add white paint to the PVA glue for the lettering. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Carefully peel your artwork from the plastic sheet and apply to a clean window.

Handy hints

If you have left over paint mix and don’t want to make further window clings, pour it onto a polythene sheet and set aside to dry. Pop the dried pieces into a lidded box separated by polythene or wax paper. There will be another tutorial to follow using these pieces.

If the cling has distorted slightly during the drying process, lightly spritz the window with water and smooth the cling in place. A hairdryer will also help to flatten the design and pull it into place.

Don’t forgot to flip image if you want the word NHS to be the correct way around.

Thanks to artist Claire Boelema for sharing this great idea with us. 

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