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Beginners Guide for Colour Mixing

Beginners Guide For Acrylic Painting ​- Opposing Colours - Zieler Art Supplies

Colour Wheel

Creating a colour wheel is a great painting exercise to understand more about which colours play nicely together. It’s very important to know what colours can and can’t be mixed, to avoid brown patches in your paintings

Start by drawing a circle and dividing this into 12 sections with a pencil.With your three primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue apply a blob of paint while leaving three spaces apart on the colours wheel. Then fill these spaces In by mixing a little bit of each colour together, you will soon see what secondary colours are created. On the outer ring add white to each colour and black on the inner ring. Then you can see what shades are created.

Img 4527 Scaled - Zieler Art Supplies
Warm Colours

Your warm colours are this side of the colour wheel, all these colours mix well together.However mix them with the cool colours and you will get brown colour as we see in the middle of the colour wheel. 

Cool colours are this side of the colour wheel. So when mixing colours stick to   side of the colour wheel, unless you want brown tones. 

Cool Colours
Img 4449 - Zieler Art Supplies

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