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Lino Printing with Watercolour

Lino Printing with Watercolour Combing watercolours with Lino Printing can make some beautiful and vibrant pieces of artwork. The watery backgrounds add a beautiful splash of colour and the print creates powerful contrast.  In this blog our resident artist Amy Kelly-Miller experiments with combining the two mediums. Using the Zieler watercolour pallet and paper create […]

Mandala Lino Process

Design ideas for Lino

Design Ideas for Lino Choosing the right shapes When you are new to lino, trying to think of a design to make to print can be tricky. There are a few things to consider.  Remember as a print it has a negative effect. So wherever you cut out will remain white and what remains on […]

Lino Craft

Lino Printing Project Ideas

Lino Printing Project Ideas Greetings Cards Making your own cards is one of the simplest and most effective printing projects. Buy ready-made, blank cards and envelopes, cut the lino to your personalised design and print unique greetings cards. You will need: Blank greetings card with envelopes a block of lino the same size as the […]

Lino Cut Sunflower

Introduction to Lino, Printing Guide

Introduction to lino printing Setting up for printing Cover your work area with newspaper and set up the equipment as shown below. This set up should be reversed if you are left-handed. With practice, you will work systematically and keep the area clean and the finished prints free from ink smudges. After printing, you can […]

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Introduction to Lino Cutting Guide

Introduction to Lino Cutting SHOP FOR LINO Your Lino Kit Contains Soft Lino, Cutting Tools: handle, 5 blades, blade removal stick, Roller (brayer), Hand Guard, Ink Tray, Ink, Instruction Leaflet, Stamp Holder, Pre-cut circles of lino for stamp making. You will also need Paper to print on: to begin with, any medium weight, matt paper such as A4 copy paper is good enough.  […]

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