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Create your own customised shoes using paint pens

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Decorate your old shoes

Customising shoes is a super fun and easy art project for all ages and abilities. Follow these easy steps to create your own wearable masterpieces.

Layering single colours one at a time to build up pretty floral designs. Using basic shapes and colours to break it down into a simple process.

1.Using the pink paint pen from your pack create a semi circular shape on the side of the shoes, make the edges irregular to create the edge of the petals, this will create the base layer of your flower. In the image i have left the centre of the flower empty to add another colour later. Leave to dry.

2.Once dry you can add a darker colour over the top without the colours blending. Using the red paint pen from your pack outline the flower and draw out the petals. The 1.5 size pen is perfect for this. Leave to dry.

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3.Now its time to add some detail. Use the tip of the yellow paint pen to create the middle of the flower design. Add small yellow dots to the background, these will be the middle section of the flowers in the background.

4.Now using the orange paint pen from your pack add the small petal shapes around the yellow dots to create your background flowers. Leave to dry.

5. Now its time to add detail, using the green paint pen draw in the leaves, stalk and foliage. You can add as much detail as you like. Leave to dry and repeat on the second shoe.

These shoes were painted by our artist ambassador Trish Green. To see more of her artwork follow her on social media. 

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Img 0257 Scaled - Zieler Art Supplies

Hints and tips.

A helpful tip for customising shoes is to add newspaper or stuffing to the inside of the shoe to help create a more stable surface to draw onto.

Create a more permanent/ longer lasting finish by spraying with a clear acrylic based varnish or everyday shoe protector spray.

Watch the time-lapse video for more ideas

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