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How to create your own tote bag


using paint pens

How to create your own tote bag in 5 easy steps.

Using Zieler paint pens you can draw your own design onto material with ease. They are acrylic based so are permeant and wont come out in the wash. 

When designing your tote bag you might want to think about something simple to start off with.  Maybe there is a subject or quote you like.

Why not try out this beautiful  butterfly design by our artist ambassador Trish Green. She also has done a ferocious tiger. Using the paints pens, its really fun and easy to do.  

You will need a plain fabric tote bag or maybe you would prefer to try to decorate a T-shirt. Using our paint pens you can draw onto any type of fabric. 

Start with choosing and printing out your design or if you like to draw then you can draw out an image onto a piece of plain paper .

Then using a soft pencil, trace your design through the fabric of the tote bag.

How To Tote Bag
Drawing With Paint Pens

Colouring In

Then its time to start colouring in. To active the paint pens you just need to give them a shake and pump the nib up and down on hard surface, the ink will then start the flow through the nib. 

Use different colours to fill in the drawing. The pens are opaque and fast drying however they will blend when still wet. So if you want to keep a sharp edge then wait for one colour to dry before adding a new colour next to it. 

Once coloured in your tote bag is complete and ready to take out shopping and give as a gift. 

Tiger Tote Bag

Here are Trish’s steps for creating this tiger tote bag using the Zieler paint pens. You can use and old bag to up cycle or many you want to try it on a hoody. 

  1. Using a soft pencil, trace your design through the fabric bag. Here i am using a photograph of a tiger. 
  2. Using masking tape create a boarder around the image. 
Tiger Bag Painting
Bag Painting

3. Starting with the lightest colour first add the colour to the detailed sections of the image.

4. Then using the black pen, colour in the remaining sections.

5. Once the pen is dry add the white whiskers of the tiger over the top of the design. The opaque nature of the paint pens allow for great coverage over the black surface already applied.

Remove the masking tape to reveal your masterpiece on a bag.

Bag Paint Pens

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