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How to use Paint Pens

Painted Pebbles

Multi Use Paint Pens

12 multi-surface acrylic paint markers with strong durable nibs.

The fine point nib 1.5mm is great for the smaller detailed drawings and 2.5mm for colour coverage.

The Vibrant opaque ink dries quickly and is suitable on both light and dark surfaces.

The multi purpose pens are perfect for inspiring you to create artwork on a variety of different surfaces.

With the control of a pen and the finish of paints it is easy to create beautiful canvas paintings.

Amazing designs on fabrics and materials, decorate your own clothing, bags and shoes.

Also you can create your own ceramic and porcelain projects, as the pens are water resistant after baking or sealing.

Multi use paint pens For pebble painting, fabric, canvas, ceramics, porcelain, glass, wood, terracotta, plastic and metal.

Painted Shoes
Painted Bowl

How to use on glass & ceramic


Glass– make sure the surface is clean and dry before starting. The ink is removable on glass so it is for decorative purposes only.

Ceramic & porcelain– make sure the surface is clean and free of any labels. Once finished with your design leave it to dry over night. Bake on gas mark 3 for 1 hour. Leave it to cool down slowly in an open oven. Only wash with warm soapy water. As it is not dishwasher safe. As with any surface paint some scratches can occur. Be very careful with your projects, use a sealant for extra permanence. 

How to use on wood & fabric


Wood– for best results prime or coat wood first. Then seal with acrylic based sealant for a permanent finish.

Fabrics- iron to fix the design on the reverse of material and create a longer lasting design. Designs will last approximately30-40 washes, some fading may occur.

General use– these pens are water resistant when dry but need to be baked, heat fixed or sealed with an acrylic based varnish for a longer lasting finish. 

Painted Bag

How to use colouring pencils.

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