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Important things to look for when buying brush pens.

Important things to look for when buying brush pens

As brush pens become a more and more popular medium for budding artist its important to look out for key points when choosing which ones to buy. Whether your creating watercolours and need a real brush style nib or your looking for flexibility in line variation for colouring and sketching. Here are some points to consider when choosing the perfect pen for you.

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Choosing the right nib type and size for the work you intend to create. Some brush pens come as a dual tip pen meaning one end contains a brush tip and on the other is a fine liner tip. The brush pen is perfect for creating a range of line sizes just by changing the pressure applied when drawing or colouring. Also ideal for covering larger areas. The brush tip is a fibre or nylon tip that’s flexible.

The finer tips normally have a nib size between 0.1 and 0.5 classed as a fine liner pen. This is ideal for adding detail, sketching, journaling, writing and adding tone such as cross hatching. If your looking for pens to use for adult colouring the fine line tips are great for those colouring very small detailed designs favoured in adult colouring books.

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When choosing brush pens choosing a water soluble ink will enable you to create watercolour effects. Choose an ink that is non-toxic, acid free, highly pigmented and long lasting. The non toxic quality will make then suitable for children.

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Watercolour Effects

Choosing a brush pen is a great way to create watercolour effect mess free. The ink flows through the brush just like a felt tip pen. Water can be added after over the top of the ink to create watercolour, blending and colour mixing effects. No need for paint pallets, tubes of paint or extra brushes. A dry brush effect can be achieved by using the pen without adding water.

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Colour Range

When choosing a set of brush pens its important to think of colour range. If you are a budding artist or are adding to your pen range for crafting or adult colouring then a good range of colours are important to have, especially if you don’t plan on mixing your own colours straight away. Choosing colours are important. We recommend looking for a colour range that includes a range of standard colours including the primary colours (reds, blues and yellows), pastels colours, flesh tones and a black.

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Barrel of the Pen

Comfort is important when choosing a pen and this applies when choosing art and craft pens not just writing pens. Something you will use for long periods at a time should be comfortable for you to hold. Look out for pens with  ergonomic designs these are designed for comfort. These are also ideal for small hands of children.

See the video of our pens creating this beautiful frog


To learn more about the great effects you can create using the Zieler brush pens read our helpful guide. Which will inspire you with different techniques and broaden your knowledge of how to use the duo tipped ends.

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At Zieler we want to help you to understand what products are right for you. Duo tipped brush pens are perfect for the budding artist or even a beginner who is looking to get started. Having the duo tipped end means there is options to create different styles of art as they are very versatile. Whether you just want to colour in some templates or create your own unique drawings the dual tip gives you scope to be creative in your own way.       

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