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Pebble Painting with paint pens


fun Pebble painting

Paint pens are a great way to create artwork on a wide variety of surfaces.
With a water based acrylic paint, they are easy to use and permanent when dry on many surfaces.

If your enjoying the pebble painting craze or thinking about joining in our pens are the perfect way to create mini masterpieces on stones and pebbles.
The semi gloss finish is completely permanent when dry so no need to varnish or seal your work.

Patterns and Shapes

The fine tip pens ideal for smaller areas, details and outlines. With completely opaque paint they can be layered to build up finer designs. 

When adding detail or layering the colours always make sure the first layer is dry.

Use a variety of colours and create different shapes and patterns. The more you do the better you will become. Try doing dot work or strips to create different designs. 

Black And Gold Painted Pebbles
Pebbles Painted Flowers - Zieler Art Supplies



Search for the perfect pebbles for painting. Select a variety of shapes to make different designs for. Smooth pebbles and easier to draw on. However you can prime any pebble first by painting it white with some acrylic paint. This will make the surface perfect for drawing on and will allow the colours to show up vibrantly. 


These pebbles were painted by on of our artist ambassadors Trish Green to see more of her work find her on social media…

Blending Colours

Using the medium tip pens for back grounds and covering larger areas the ink is quick drying and can be blended when wet to create ombré effect.

Blending effects are easy, starting with the darker colour first then the middle colour you blend using the lighter colour over the top of the wet paint. 

For example. Start with red then the orange and whilst wet, colour over them using the yellow – starting over the red and moving down over the orange. A backwards and forwards motion whilst drawing will then blend the colours. Carry on colouring until the full yellow colour of the pen is showing.

Acrylic Paint Pens Colours
Pebble And Rock Painting Smiley Faces Using Paint Pens
Fun Pebble Painting And Rock Painting Ideas With Zieler
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