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Paint By Number Tiger Painting

Paint By Numbers Guide: 9 Steps to Creating Your Masterpiece

Paint By Numbers Guide: 9 Steps to Creating Your Masterpiece Table of Contents   Welcome to the world of paint by numbers! This fun and easy activity is a great way to unleash your inner artist and create a beautiful masterpiece. With the Zieler’s Paint By Numbers kit, you’ll have everything you need to get […]

Gesso With Paint Brush

9 Things You Should Know About Gesso

9 Things You Should Know About Gesso and How You Should Use It Table of Contents 1. What is Gesso? If you are starting out on your painting journey, you may not have heard of gesso. It is a type of white paint that many artists use as a primer (the first layer) on their […]

Acrylic Paint Tubes

An Introduction to Acrylic Paint & How to Get the Best From It

An Introduction to Acrylic Paint & How to Get the Best From It Table of Contents Loved by artists and crafters all over the world, acrylic paint owes much of its popularity to its sheer versatility. It can be used on a myriad of surfaces such as wood, fabric, metal, plastic, glass, paper and more. […]

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Pouring Art on Different Surfaces

Pouring Art On Different Surfaces DIY home decor ideas and inspiration using pouring art techniques. Fluid pouring art is a fabulously fun and easy way to create spectacular artwork for your home. Did you know that you can use this technique on a wide variety of different surfaces.You too can create your own masterpieces, from […]

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Acrylic Painting Stay Wet Palette

Acrylic Painting Wet Palette Using acrylic paint is fun and suitable for all abilities, however it does have one major problem, it dries too quickly. This is especially problematic if you are a beginner. So if you just hate it when you’ve mixed the perfect colour combination and you’ve run out of time and the […]

Learn Painting Flowers With Acrylics

Flower Painting with Acrylic

Painting Flowers with Acrylics Acrylic painting is a great art medium for budding artists. It is a versatile paint and is forgiving so is good for all levels and abilities. In this guide to painting acrylic flowers we talk through different techniques for creating depth and texture in a painting including colour mixing, layering of […]

How To Paint On Fabric

Painting On Fabric

How to Paint on Fabric Our artist ambassadors Trish Green share with us her great knowledge of painting on fabric using acrylic based pens and paints. Trish has been creating amazing designs onto all different types of fabric for years and here she kindly shares with us her top tips for successful fabric painting.  Table […]

How To Paint A Cat - Zieler

How to Paint a Cat – Acrylic

How to paint a cat with acrylics Acrylic painting is fun and easy to do. It’s a great art medium for all levels of abilities. This short beginners level guide to painting a cute sleeping tabby cat is easy to follow. With colour mixing step by step instructions so you can learn to layer your […]

Acrylic Paint Pouring At Zieler

Pouring Art

Acrylic Pouring Art Table of Contents Acrylic Pouring Art – Pouring with Acrylics & PVA Acrylic Pouring Art is a fun and easy art project you can do at home and it creates some mesmerising effects. In this guide we will show you all you need to know when getting started with pouring art. The […]

Claire 1 Scaled - Zieler Art Supplies

Acrylic Flower Printing

Acrylic Flower Printing This guide shows a fun and easy art project to do at home. It is written by one of our artist ambassadors Claire Boelema. Enjoy and feel the creativity.  Acrylic Paint Heliograph /Sun Printing This is a quick and easy project that both kids and adults can do. The key to achieving […]

Img 5384 - Zieler Art Supplies

Window Art

Window Display Art Window Cling Using a few art supplies and some house hold items you can make some awesome window displays. If you are board at home and trying to entertain the kids this makes a great art project to do.   In this design we are showing our support to the amazing NHS by […]

Img 5383 Scaled - Zieler Art Supplies

Make your own games mat

Make your own games mat Table of Contents Twister Mat Making your own games mat is a fun and creative activity to do while at home. Whether you are trying to keep the kids entertained or hanging out with your flatmates its a fun and engaging project. Best of all you can then use the […]

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Customising clothes

Customising Clothes Table of Contents Get creative in your wardrobe Painting and customising your own clothes is a super fun and easy way to breath new life into old clothes. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Up cycling clothing is […]

Julia Artwork

Julia Ann Field, Acrylics drying to fast?

Zieler Artist Blogs Julia Ann Fields 2020 Acrylics drying to fast? Artist Julia Ann Field’s shares her top tips for keep your acrylic pallet from drying out to fast. We recently caught up with Brighton-based artist Julia Ann Field for her top tips on how to stop acrylic paints drying out too fast, before you […]

Julia Ann Fields

Julia Ann Field, Four C’s for saving a painting

Zieler Artist Blogs Julia Ann Fields 2019 Saving a painting Artist Julia Ann Field’s four ‘C’s for saving a painting Whether a beginner or if you’re looking to grow your artistic skills and experiment with different mediums, our series of blogs with artists will give you invaluable advice on what techniques can help you develop […]

Paint Brush Techniques - Zieler Art Supplies

Brush Techniques

Beginners Guide For Brush Techniques It’s important to have a variety of brushes in different sizes and shapes, so you can achieve desired textures. Here are some of the most useful brushes to have in your art kit. If you are new to painting, it’s good to play around and see what effect you can […]

Beginners Guide For Acrylic Painting ​- Opposing Colours - Zieler Art Supplies

Beginners Guide to Colour Mixing

Beginners Guide for Colour Mixing Colour Wheel Creating a colour wheel is a great painting exercise to understand more about which colours play nicely together. It’s very important to know what colours can and can’t be mixed, to avoid brown patches in your paintings SHOP FOR PAINTS Start by drawing a circle and dividing this […]

Beginners Guide For Acrylic Painting ​- Layers - Zieler Art Supplies

Beginners Guide for Acrylic Painting

Beginners Guide for Acrylic Painting Painting in layers Working in layers when painting can help to break down what you are trying to achieve and make it more manageable. It also insures the wrongs colours down mix together, so it is important to know when to wait and let parts dry before apply more paint. SHOP FOR BRUSHES […]

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