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Make your own games mat

Make your own games mat Table of Contents Twister Mat Making your own games mat is a fun and creative activity to do while at home. Whether you are trying to keep the kids entertained or hanging out with your flatmates its a fun and engaging project. Best of all you can then use the […]

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Customising clothes

Customising Clothes Table of Contents Get creative in your wardrobe Painting and customising your own clothes is a super fun and easy way to breath new life into old clothes. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Up cycling clothing is […]

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Toy Story Shoes with Paint Pens

Toy Story Shoes using Paint pens Table of Contents fun for everyone Customising shoes is a great way to either up cycle old shoes or create one off pieces of wearable art. Create your own by following these easy steps. 1. Preparation is key.  Firstly make sure the shoes are completely clean and dry. Hot […]

Spray Varnish Your Paint Pen Artwork

How to spray varnish your paint pen artwork

How to spray varnish your paint pen artwork Read time: 3 minutes Zieler acrylic paint marker pens work brilliantly on non-porous (glossy) surfaces such as ceramics, porcelain, glass and metal. To help preserve your decorative work you should consider sealing it with a spray varnish. This will protect the colours from fading over time and […]

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Live Art Classes with Amy

live online art classes Acrylic Painting – Thursday 2nd 12pm Pouring Art – Thursday 9th 12pm Lino Cutting and Printing – Thursday 16th 12pm Watercolours – Thursday 23rd 12pm Drawing – Thursday 30th 12pm Watercolour Class with Amy Kelly-Miller With all this time spent indoors isolated from your local community it’s import to engage in […]

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Create your own customised shoes using paint pens

Create your own customised shoes using paint pens Decorate your old shoes Customising shoes is a super fun and easy art project for all ages and abilities. Follow these easy steps to create your own wearable masterpieces. Layering single colours one at a time to build up pretty floral designs. Using basic shapes and colours […]

Mandala Lino Process

Design ideas for Lino

Design Ideas for Lino Choosing the right shapes When you are new to lino, trying to think of a design to make to print can be tricky. There are a few things to consider.  Remember as a print it has a negative effect. So wherever you cut out will remain white and what remains on […]


Create your own tote bag using paint pens

How to create your own tote bag using paint pens How to create your own tote bag in 5 easy steps. Using Zieler paint pens you can draw your own design onto material with ease. They are acrylic based so are permeant and wont come out in the wash.  When designing your tote bag you […]

Painted Pebbles

How to use your Paint Pens

How to use Paint Pens Multi Use Paint Pens 12 multi-surface acrylic paint markers with strong durable nibs. The fine point nib 1.5mm is great for the smaller detailed drawings and 2.5mm for colour coverage. The Vibrant opaque ink dries quickly and is suitable on both light and dark surfaces. The multi purpose pens are […]

Paint Pens

Pebble Painting with Paint Pens

Pebble Painting with paint pens fun Pebble painting Paint pens are a great way to create artwork on a wide variety of surfaces.With a water based acrylic paint, they are easy to use and permanent when dry on many surfaces. If your enjoying the pebble painting craze or thinking about joining in our pens are […]


How to use Fineliner Drawing Pens

Beginners Guide for Fineline Drawing Precision & detail The pack 12 Zieler fineliner pens are ideal for drawing, sketching, illustration, technical drawing, journaling, art, writing and paper craft projects. The ink is non bleed, nontoxic, acid free and suitable on a range of paper surfaces. SHOP FOR Fineline Pens The strong durable nibs are rounded […]

Lino Craft

Lino Printing Project Ideas

Lino Printing Project Ideas Greetings Cards Making your own cards is one of the simplest and most effective printing projects. Buy ready-made, blank cards and envelopes, cut the lino to your personalised design and print unique greetings cards. You will need: Blank greetings card with envelopes a block of lino the same size as the […]

Lino Cut Sunflower

Introduction to Lino, Printing Guide

Introduction to lino printing Setting up for printing Cover your work area with newspaper and set up the equipment as shown below. This set up should be reversed if you are left-handed. With practice, you will work systematically and keep the area clean and the finished prints free from ink smudges. After printing, you can […]

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Introduction to Lino Cutting Guide

Introduction to Lino Cutting SHOP FOR LINO Your Lino Kit Contains Soft Lino, Cutting Tools: handle, 5 blades, blade removal stick, Roller (brayer), Hand Guard, Ink Tray, Ink, Instruction Leaflet, Stamp Holder, Pre-cut circles of lino for stamp making. You will also need Paper to print on: to begin with, any medium weight, matt paper such as A4 copy paper is good enough.  […]

Pencil Grades

Pencil Grades

Pencil Grades Want to know what is the right pencil to use? Lots of people get confused about the way pencils are graded. Don’t worry if you are one of them. At Zieler we have put together an easy guide and explained the differences for you. SHOP FOR PENCILS Sketching pencils are marked on a […]

Julia Artwork

Julia Ann Field, Acrylics drying to fast?

Zieler Artist Blogs Julia Ann Fields 2020 Acrylics drying to fast? Artist Julia Ann Field’s shares her top tips for keep your acrylic pallet from drying out to fast. We recently caught up with Brighton-based artist Julia Ann Field for her top tips on how to stop acrylic paints drying out too fast, before you […]

Watercolour Pencils Tiger

Beginners Guide to Watercolour Pencils

Beginners Guide for Watercolour Pencils Pencil techniques Watercolour pencils are really versatile and easy to use, the great thing about them is that you have so much control over your painting. They allow you to draw details in then apply water to transform the drawing into a watercolour style painting. SHOP FOR PENCILS Here are […]

Turtle Watercolour - Guide Watercolour Painting

Beginners Guide to Watercolour Painting

Beginners Guide to Watercolour Painting Styles There are a few different techniques you can use for watercolour which equate to different styles of painting. If you are a beginner it best to experiment and try out different styles, then you can develop the style you enjoy the most. You can paint onto dry paper, this […]

Soak Watercolour Paper

How to Guide Soaking Watercolour Paper

Guide for Soaking Watercolour Paper Textured Paper Using textured paper is essential to get the best out of your watercolours. The colours will appear more vibrant and the paint will spread about the page without the paper buckling under the pressure of the water. Using regular cartridge paper doesn’t work because it can’t absorb all […]

Julia Ann Fields

Julia Ann Field, Four C’s for saving a painting

Zieler Artist Blogs Julia Ann Fields 2019 Saving a painting Artist Julia Ann Field’s four ‘C’s for saving a painting Whether a beginner or if you’re looking to grow your artistic skills and experiment with different mediums, our series of blogs with artists will give you invaluable advice on what techniques can help you develop […]

Paint Brush Techniques - Zieler Art Supplies

Brush Techniques

Beginners Guide For Brush Techniques It’s important to have a variety of brushes in different sizes and shapes, so you can achieve desired textures. Here are some of the most useful brushes to have in your art kit. If you are new to painting, it’s good to play around and see what effect you can […]

Beginners Guide For Acrylic Painting ​- Opposing Colours - Zieler Art Supplies

Beginners Guide to Colour Mixing

Beginners Guide for Colour Mixing Colour Wheel Creating a colour wheel is a great painting exercise to understand more about which colours play nicely together. It’s very important to know what colours can and can’t be mixed, to avoid brown patches in your paintings SHOP FOR PAINTS Start by drawing a circle and dividing this […]

Beginners Guide For Acrylic Painting ​- Layers - Zieler Art Supplies

Beginners Guide for Acrylic Painting

Beginners Guide for Acrylic Painting Painting in layers Working in layers when painting can help to break down what you are trying to achieve and make it more manageable. It also insures the wrongs colours down mix together, so it is important to know when to wait and let parts dry before apply more paint. SHOP FOR BRUSHES […]

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